Investing in Jewellery

Jewellery is something that is familiar to everyone and easy items to purchase. It is one of the more obvious forms of investment in a world where investment is becoming a common way to make money. The internet has had a great influence on the accessibility of items to invest in and has increased the interest in investment for many people.

Throughout time, jewellery has shown that it is a stable investment and has survived numerous economical collapses across the globe. It is not affected by the fluctuation of the stocks and shares market which means that it does not have a tendency to lose its value. The cost of the metals and stones used in the creation of jewellery at a certain time does not essentially dictate the price of the jewellery or the financial returns one can see from the sale of a piece of jewellery.

Jewellery creation is an art form and holds originality in its design and makes a visual statement for the wearer which makes it an investment that can be enjoyed. The demand for jewellery is always high and is constantly rising. Jewellery is a collectible item whose value increases with the passing of time and in the same way that jewellery was associated with wealth in ancient times so it is today.

There are many advantages to the investment in jewellery. For a quick turnover, antique jewellery can be purchased and sold fast as there is a high demand for this kind of jewellery.

The cost of jewellery is related to the current fashion trends and therefore when a type of jewellery is not trendy it can be purchased at a low cost and sold with a high return when the trend for that type of jewellery comes around again. This is useful to the investor if they are happy to sit and wait for the right time to sell the jewellery pieces.

The internet has made it much easier to find and purchase jewellery as there are many jewellery dealers that can be contacted all over the world. Jewellery wholesalers can now also advertise their goods cheaply which means that the buyer can now purchase more for their money. In conjunction with retrieving information from the jewellery seller in regards to the quality and style of a piece of jewellery an investor would be wise to consult with an investment professional to ensure that you buy the right jewellery pieces for the type of investment that you wish to make.

Caratage is the most important factor when buying gold jewellery. The caratage is the information in regards to the amount of gold that is in the jewellery piece. Due to gold being a soft metal a number of other metals are added to make the piece more durable. The other metals that are added include copper and silver. 24 carat is the purest gold that is used in jewellery making and will be a strong yellow-orange in colour. Different caratage’s will have differences in the colour. This does not mean that yellow gold is a better investment than white gold as there are a number of other factors that effect the value of a piece of jewellery such as personal taste, the design and the designer.

When buying jewellery as an investment make sure that you purchase pieces that reflect your tastes and preferences to ensure that you can enjoy the piece as well as the potential long term investment.