Tips for Cleaning Costume Jewellery

Costume jewellery is becoming ever more popular due to its fashionable designs and low cost. Many more designers are moving towards the creation and design of costume jewellery because of its growing popularity.

Not many people are aware on how to look after their costume jewellery and find that after a period of time it can lose its lustre and decide to throw it away. Below are eleven tips on looking after cleaning and taking care of your costume jewellery.

1) One of the best ways in which to look after your costume jewellery is wear it as often as possible. The natural oils on our skin will help the jewellery retain its lustre keeping its appearance fresh and alive.

2) Never wear your costume jewellery when doing sports or very active work as the possibility of damage to your jewellery is high.

3) Costume jewellery does not always react well with water due to the cheaper metals and materials used in their creation. Always remove your jewellery when taking a bath or shower. It is also usually a good idea to remove your jewellery whilst sleeping as the possibility of it becoming tangled in your hair is almost certain.

4) When going for a swim in either the sea or swimming baths remove your jewellery. Salt and chlorine will not react well with the materials that make up your costume jewellery.

5) Avoid any contact with sulphur. The chances of a chemical reaction can easily occur especially with silver.

6) If you decide that a piece of jewellery is not going to be worn for some time, place in a sealed bag so that no air can get in. The processes of oxidisation could ruin an elegant and attractive piece of jewellery.

7) Try to avoid wearing too many pieces of jewellery at the same time like multiple necklaces and bracelets. The different resistances of the metals used can cause abrasion and possibly tears.

8) If you notice any damage to your costume jewellery you should try to repair it straight away. If you are unable to do so and it is one of your favourite pieces take to a jewellers shop to see if they are able to repair it for you.

9) Costume jewellery is very sensitive to temperature change so it is advisable to keep your jewellery away from extreme heat or cold. Stones in your jewellery may crack in a quick change in temperature.

10) Washing your costume jewellery is advisable once a week. Submerge your jewellery into a 90% alcoholic solution for about 10-20 minutes depending on the metals of your jewellery. Scrub gently with a soft brush and then rinse clean. Remember to dry your jewellery thoroughly before putting it away as any moisture left could tarnish your jewellery as well as weaken clasps and/or springs.

11) For jewellery that has stones with a smooth surface use something like a cotton bud to polish the stones. This will restore its shine.