polytimo ergastiri or precious workshop when translated. we specialise in any craftswork design to suit your taste with high quality craftmanship. i find my inspiration from nature in particular and enjoy contrasting the more structural with organic, such as flowers, pebbles with structures and buildings. the majority of my work takes the unusual form of kinetic silverware, that is the objects themselves may move, balance or rock. the incorporation of this movement brings life to each individual piece. my design philosophy focuses on simplicity and quality of the line, though the styles may vary. i aim to develop truly contemporary work that displays a unique and futuristic flair. thus my current volume of work consists of sculptural tableware and outdoor sculptures of elegant simplicity.

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Enoseos Street 1E , Limassol 3041 , Cyprus

Nikitas Pittilides
info [ at ] polytimo.com
+357 25 344 664
+357 25 369 374
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